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“If you are feeling stuck or hopeless there is a way to get past the sadness, pain, guilt, shame, blame. Even the Anger.”

How would you like to feel?

Your loss can keep you stuck, unhappy, overwhelmed, exhausted and unfulfilled…or you can choose to do something to start living a purposeful, happy life.  I've done it and I'm here to help you….

My Coaching Process


Honor Our Feelings

It hurts to lose someone to suicide. Grief is lonely and life seems unfair. We look at how to honor our feelings and take care of ourselves.


Clear the Stuff

Our physical and emotional clutter get in the way of life after a suicide loss. I am here to help you clear the unneeded clutter.


Live Happier with More Purpose

Once the clutter has been cleared, we can find out what we really want in our life, how to feel happier, and who we want to be.

Who I am

Rebecca Tervo

  • # 1 Bestselling Author
  • Speaker
  • Survivor of a Suicide Loss
  • Course creator
  • Encourager and Coach

Are You Ready to Work with Me?

There are 2 ways you can work with me:

Private coaching

Group online classes

 Which way is right for you?