Today I'd like to share a snippet of part of the journey I'm still on in my life. If you've read my book (and if you haven't read my book yet, I have several free chapters here: Shattered Book Chapters) you know that I've come to the realization that I'm a sugar addict.

I like to now rethink that phrase and say to myself that I'm recovering from overeating.

The words we say to ourselves can have so much of an effect on us…so I reframe the thoughts I'm having into something more positive and inspiring. This is something I'm helping my clients do too…it's the best way to make changes!

Anyway, today I had my husband take a picture of me because I wanted proof that I've actually changed in my outside appearance since I started this weight loss journey.

And, sure enough! 30 pounds does make a big difference on the outside.

But, what's more important is the changes I've made on the inside. I firmly believe that because I love myself fully and honor and accept where I am right now…food has lost much of its hold on me.

That's not to say I never eat sugar…I do. And I accept that sometimes I choose to go out of my “bright lines” and eat things that aren't on my personalized plan.

But, instead of beating myself up about it….I move on. I don't make up a big story anymore about “I'm so bad at this”, and “this will never work”, and “I'll always be fat” and “I'm so lazy”. I just notice that those are stories and thoughts that I make up that help me feel defeated and overwhelmed.

Instead, I choose to feel that I'm committed to being healthy and my idea weight. And I keep going no matter what.

So, in the grand scheme of getting to my ideal weight, 30 pounds seems small. I have about 70 pounds left! However, those are just numbers.

I don't have to let them mean anything, or I can make it mean that I've come a LOOOONG way in learning how to master my thinking which resulted in losing 30 pounds. Amazing!

What journey are you on? How can I help? I encourage you to stay the course, stay committed, and not to let your thoughts derail your progress.

I just finished leading a group coaching program in June for four amazing women who are experiencing some awesome changes due to the work we did together.

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