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Before I was a little more scattered, I've been doing all this stuff for many many years but all of a sudden, it seems to be more stressful. Having your guidance to kinda step into some of those pieces that helped me regroup specifically the suggestion you made to do the time block this has really helped. Cindy

Artist & Author

The program would definitely be very helpful in helping them set short term and long term goals and to make small changes in their life that will affect them positively as well as helping them identify their negative thought processes and tweaking that or changing that to a more positive tone so that they can affect positive change in their lives. Ginger

Online Businss Owner & Mom

I really can't believe how I changed dramatically from the short time we worked. I just don't have the same desire with the food I used to binge on. My confidence levelled a lot! I feel like YES I can really live. YES I can finish this book feeling good about it now and I can tell other people that they can really have what they really want.


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